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Texas Family Law Practice Manual

Newly Revised 3rd Edition


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The updated Texas Family Law Practice Manual and its predecessors have proved their value to every lawyer who practices family law. This time-tested and essential resource will answer your questions, as well as allow you to download and assemble more than 700 family forms, quickly and efficiently. Save time and money with the Texas Family Law Practice Manual, in the format that suits you best: online subscription, digital download only, and hard copy plus digital download.

This valuable resource consists of forms used in title 1, title 1-A, title 2, title 4, and title 5 proceedings providing marginal notes and precise instructions ensuring the production of documents tailored to each individual case. Also included are a comprehensive and helpful subject index and form title index.

Practice notes provide synopses of the relevant law and helpful practical advice for the practitioner on a wide range of family law topics, all coming from a committee of experts. Also featured are a subject index, as well as indexes of statutes and rules and of cases cited.

Included with the purchase of the hard copy, the Texas Family Law Practice Manual 2016 supplement reflects recent legislative, case-law, and rule updates.

The Texas Family Law Practice Manual Digital Download is included at no charge with purchase of the hard copy and may also be purchased separately. The digital download contains the full text of the book as two hyperlinked and fully word-searchable PDF files to allow for simple, rapid navigation to topics of interest. All State Bar of Texas–copyrighted forms are available in Word for easy assembly. The digital download includes hyperlinked Texas and federal case and statutory citations so you can go straight to the case or statute you need in the free Casemaker Web Library.

The digital download also contains a custom toolbar for Word forms that allows users to show, hide, print, and delete all instructional material. Other features include prompts to facilitate completing the form.

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Finally, the most robust format, the online subscription, provides access to all materials available in the hard copy version as well as all the features of the digital download. Additional features include filtered searches with high-relevancy results, optimized for mobile devices, and user highlights, bookmarks, and annotations that save your work for the next time you log in. The online subscription always contains the most recent updates.

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