State Bar of Texas

Each year a committee reads every article written for Advanced Family Law, Marriage Dissolution, New Frontiers and the December CLE (Trial Notebook, Drafting, or Technology). The award year begins with Advanced Family Law (August) and ends with Marriage Dissolution the following year (April). The author of the best article that year will be announced at Advanced Family Law.

2014 – Dealing with the Impaired Client; Advanced Family Law 2013; Beth Maultsby

2015 – Recovering Attorney’s Fees; Advanced Family Law 2014; Chris Nickelson

2016 – Electronically Stored Information A-Z; Advanced Family Law 2015; Emily Miskel & Ken Raggio

2017 – The New Evidence Handbook; Advanced Family Law 2016; Heather King, Jessica Janicek & Paul Leopold

2018 – OMG – I Did Not Know That; Advanced Family Law 2017; Scott A. Beauchamp & Larry L. Martin

2019 – Entity Issues-Including Valuation, Division, and Tax Implications; Patrice Ferguson and John Camp

2020 – What Every Family Lawyer Should Know About Post Trial Issues; Georganna Simpson and Jeremy Martin

2021 – You Presume Too Much: Overcoming Fit Parent, Visitation, and Child Support Presumptions; Chris Wrampelmeier & Hon. Karl Hays

2022 – Special Needs Issues in Divorce and SAPCR Proceedings; Keith D. Maples