Download the Spring 2020 Section Report

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Our Winter 2020 section report is now available for download. You can access the spring report below:

Download 2020 Spring Section Report Here

In the 2020 Spring Section Report

  • Message From The Chair
  • Table of Cases
  • In the Law Reviews and Publications
  • In Brief: Family Law from Around the Nation, Jimmy L. Vernert, Jr


    by Charles N. Geilich
    by Hon. Doug Warne and Hon. Judy Warne
  • BUSINESS VALUATION: Hiring a Business Valuation Expert: When Is It Necessary (and When Is It Not Necessary)?
    by Aaron Ballard
  • IMMIGRATION AND FAMILY LAW: What Do You Mean My Client is Not a Citizen? Immigration Law Primer for Family Attorney: Part 3
    by Angelique Montano
  • ETHICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Emoji Evidence in Family Law—Nothing to ???? About
    by John G. Browning


  • How Does Filing Status With the IRS Impact a Common Law Marriage Claim
    by Amy Rod
  • Why Take the Board Exam? It Won’t Change Your Practice!
    by Tammy Moon
  • Have You Ever Had a Case Where You had to Obtain Documentation from a Child Psychologist?
    by Patrick Wright
  • Curing a Defective Spousal Waiver Under an Employee Benefit Plan
    by Charles Pulman and Annie E. McGinnis

Case Digests

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