Download the Fall 2020 Section Report

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Our Fall 2020 section report is now available for download. You can access the fall report below:

Download 2020 Fall Section Report Here

In the 2020 Fall Section Report

  • Message From The Chair – Kristal C. Thomson
  • SPOTLIGHT: Diana Friedman
  • >Toolkit for attorneys representing parents and children in CPS cases
  • Table of Cases
  • In the Law Reviews and Publications
  • In Brief: Family Law from Around the Nation, Jimmy L. Verner, Jr.


    by Charles N. Geilich
  • HERE COME THE JUDGES: Mental Health Break
    by Hon. Doug Warne and Hon. Judy Warne
  • BUSINESS VALUATION: Let’s Cut to the Chase: If and When Valuation “Short Cuts” Can Be Taken
    by Aaron Ballard
  • IMMIGRATION AND FAMILY LAW: Recap of Immigration Law under Trump and Covid-19, as well as Biden’s Proposed Immigration Plan
    by Angelique Montano
  • ETHICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Ethical Concerns for “The New Normal”
    by John G. Browning


  • Domestic Violence and Our Duty as Family Lawyers
    by Kim Naylor
  • The Constitutional Dimensions of the Best Interest of the Child Standard
    by Michelle May O’Neil
  • Back to School: But Where? Enrollment Decisions During the Pandemic
    by Spencer Page

Case Digests

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