Download the Fall 2018 Section Report

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Our Fall 2018 section report is now available for download. You can access the fall report below:

Download 2018 Fall Section Report Here

In the 2018 Fall Section Report

  • Message From The Chair
  • Table of Cases
  • In the Law Reviews and Publications
  • In Brief: Family Law from Around the Nation, Jimmy L. Vernert, Jr


    by Charles N. Geilich
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES: Psychological Evaluations in Family Court?
    by John A. Zervopoulos, Ph.D., J.D., ABBP
  • REAL ESTATE FINANCING ISSUES: Home Financing for Divorcing Home Owners
    by Noel Cookman
  • Financial Planning Issues: Is the 4% Rule Still of Good Idea?
    by Christy Adamcik Gammill, CDFA
  • ETHICS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: When Domestic Abuse Goes Digital
    by John G. Browning


  • Admitting Evidence of Conduct Before the Prior Order in Modification Cases
    Greg B. Emos
  • Marital Liabilities
    by Bryce Hopson
  • Alternatives to Reimbursement Claims for Minors
    By Laura Caston
  • Parentage in the Modern Era: What to Know When Baby is on the Way and No Wedding Day
    By Robert Epstein and Meghan Burns

Case Digests

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