Committees of the Family Law Section


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: Review pending appellate cases upon requests of section members which will have a significant impact in the area of family law. The committee shall report to council its recommendation on any such cases and whether the filing of an amicus brief is permitted and appropriate.

Charles Hardy, Chair
Assistant Chair: Jessica Janicek
Executive Liaison: Chris Nickelson
Members: Richard Orsinger
Georganna Simpson
Jessica Dixon Weaver
Karl Hays

Awards and Scholarships

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: Accept nominations and suggestions for future recipients of the Dan R. Price Award, Hall of Legends, Family Law Article of the Year Award and provide those nominations to the executive committee. The committee shall also review requests from pro bono legal clinics for tuition scholarships to the Advanced Family Law Course, and/or other State Bar sponsored family law courses.

Chair: Joe Indelicato
Assistant Chair: Rick Robertson
Executive Liaison: Cindy Tisdale
Members: Wendy Burgower
Warren Cole
Tom Vick
Brian Webb
Sarah Springer Valentine
Constance Mimms

Hall of Legends Subcommittee

Chair: Joe Indelicato
Assistant Chair: Rick Robertson
Executive Liaison: Kathryn Murphy
Members: All Hall of Legends past recipients


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: Make suggestions to council as to any needed or required bylaws changes or amendments.

Chair: Brian Webb
Assistant Chair: Lisa Moore
Executive Liaison: Steve Naylor
Members: Tom Ausley
Jim Mueller
Lon Loveless

Form Book

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To amend, draft and/or revise any forms or practice notes contained in the Family Law Practice Manual. In legislative years, the committee shall also monitor legislation in order to assure updates to the Family Law Practice Manual in accordance with statutory changes to the Family Code or other applicable laws which affect the practice of family law.

Co-Chair: Georganna Simpson
Co-Chair: Norma Trusch
Assistant Chair: Bill Morris
Executive Liaison: Heather King
Members: Bill Morris
Warren Cole
Mara Friesen
Melody Royall
Hon. Dean Rucker
Natalie Webb
John Withers
Sean Abeyta
Alicia Key
Chris Wrampelmeier

History & Archives

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To research and record the history of the section and council.

Chair: Kathy Kinser
Assistant Chair: Jonathan Bates
Executive Liaison: Kristal Thomson
Members: Kelly Ausley Flores
Jim Loveless
Gary Nickelson
Jimmy Vaught
Judy Warne
Charles Hardy
Laura Arteaga
Erin Bowden
Kyle Sanders
Cindi Barela Graham
Heather Ronconi-Algermissen


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To draft proposed legislation commensurate with the needs and changing times of family law. The committee shall also be responsible for monitoring proposed legislation from other sources and to advise council as to any action or suggestions relevant to any such legislation. All such proposed legislation shall be submitted to council for review and vote as to the need, form and/or substance of any proposed bill.

Co-Chair: Jack Marr
Co-Chair: Diana Friedman

Assistant Chair: Chris Wrampelmeier
Executive Liaison and Committee Member: Heather King
Members: Steve Bresnen
Sherri Evans
Karl Hays
Lynn Kamin
Kathy Kinser
Bill Morris
Hon. Dean Rucker
JoAl Cannon Sheridan
Kristal Thomson
Jimmy Vaught
Brian Webb
Charla Bradshaw
Chris Nickelson
Leigh de la Reza

Membership and Member Services

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To evaluate and suggest any program or procedure which will directly benefit family law section members.

Chair: Jonathan Bates
Assistant Chair: Jessica Janicek
Executive Liaison: Chris Nickelson
Special Advisor: Christi Langford
Members: Anna McKim
Christina Molitor
Joe Indelicato
Natalie Webb
Lon Loveless
Jacqueline Smith
Sara Springer Valentine
Lisa Hoppes
Jim Mueller
Aimee Pingenot Key
Charles Hardy
Laura Arteaga
Erin Bowden


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To report to the executive committee suggestions and recommendations for candidates or nominees for member positions on the family law council in each upcoming year. Approval of new or replacement members are to be approved by vote of the current council members.

Chair: Cindy Tisdale
Members: Heather King
Kathryn Murphy
Steve Naylor
Chris Nickelson
Kristal Thomson


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To work with and assist in the development of and education of family law paralegals. This includes recommendations for CLE and publications geared to enhance the proficiency of paralegals who work in the area of family law.

Chair: Kay Redburn
Assistant Chair: Christi Lankford
Executive Liaison: Heather King
Members: Shannon Armstrong
Melissa Donald
Kapi Nance
Christine Trujillo

Pro Bono

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To continue the work of the Family Law section in providing free CLE to pro bono legal clinics throughout the state. The committee shall be responsible for the selection of speakers and locales for such seminars for the upcoming section year.

Chair: Lisa Hoppes
Assistant to Chair: Leigh de la Reza (Webinars)
Executive Liaison: Steve Naylor


COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To oversee the management and development of the various publications of the Section.

Chair: Christina Molitor
Assistant Chair: Jim Mueller
Executive Liaison: Kristal Thomson and Chris Nickelson
Members: Kyle Sanders
Heather Ronconi-Algermissen
Lisa Hoppes
Cindi Barela Graham
Anna McKim
Sara Springer Valentine
Lisa Hoppes
Diana Friedman
Heather King
Jimmy Vaught
Jessica Janicek
Craig Haston

Rule 194 ad hoc Committe

Chair: Karl Hays
Liaison: Chris Nickelson
Members: Kristal Thomson
Steve Naylor
Heather King
Jessica Janicek

Section Report: Board of Editors

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: Facilitate the transition from the hard copy Section Report to a fully electronic Section Report, and develop the electronic version to a sophisticated, user-friendly, informative publication while carrying on the high standard of the previous hard copy version.

Editor: Georganna Simpson
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Rowan
Assistant Editor: Jimmy Verner

Special Events

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To plan and secure accommodations for council meetings, section member socials, and other council related activities.

Chair: Christina Molitor
Assistant Chair: Jacqueline Smith
Executive Liaison: Steve Naylor
Members: Thelma Sanders Clardy
Kelly Ausley Flores
Heather King

Website & Technology

COMMITTEE PURPOSE: To interface with the section website webmaster in updating and assuring that the information of Family Law Section website is current. The committee shall also be responsible for including current events of other matters of interests to section members.

Chair: Rick Robertson
Assistant Chair: Jonathan Bates
Executive Liaison: Kristal Thomson
Members: Mark Unger
Craig Haston

Board of Advisors

Administrative Assistant: Christi Lankford
Editorial Advisor: Georganna Simpson
Educational Advisor: Prof. Jessica Dixon Weaver
Foundation Liaison: JoAl Cannon Sheridan
Judicial Liaison (DJ): Judy Warne
Judicial Liaison (AJ): Scott Beauchamp
Legal Services Liaison: Kevin Dietz
Legislative Advisor: Steve Bresnen
Legislative Advisor: Eduardo Lucio, III
State Bar Liaison: Curtis Pritchard
State Bar Liaison: Lisa Richardson
Supreme Court Liaison: Hon. Debra Lehrmann

Mentor Assignments

Leigh de la Reza Mentor: Chris Nickelson
Jim Mueller Mentor: Kristal Thomson
Rick Robertson Mentor: Heather King
Jacqueline Smith Mentor: Steve Naylor
Chris Wrampelmeier Mentor: Cindy Tisdale