Pro Bono Committee

The Pro Bono Committee is a committee of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. Lisa
Hoppes serves as the Chair of the Committee and Leigh de la Reza serves as the Chair for Webinars. The
goal of the program is twofold: to provide family law CLE to attorneys who may not practice it
exclusively and to help our legal aid providers get attorneys who will handle pro bono cases in their
area. The seminars are in different locations each year and are held in less populated areas of the State.
The attendees receive the CLE for free in exchange for handling 2 pro bono cases in a year. It all works
because lawyers in Texas are giving of their time and care about the people of Texas. In the last 3 years
we have helped over 500 families across our great State of Texas.

Speakers are not required to write a paper or prepare a power point. All materials are provided to you.
We do not reimburse speakers for their travel time or any other expenses (such as food and lodging, if
applicable). This is strictly voluntary. The program is created each year by the members of the
Committee and are the same at each location. Each location has at least one course director that works
with the local legal aid provider to coordinate the specifics for each location. A master speaker list is
kept that the course directors may use to select speakers. If you would like to be added to the list,
please contact Lisa Hoppes at