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Deposition and Trial Testimony DVDs

Educate Your Family Law Client on Deposition and Trial Testimony

The family law section has produced two videos on DVD (each approximately 20 minutes long) that will be most helpful to every family law practitioner. Both videos are for family law clients. The scripts were written by family law attorneys with only the family law client in mind. The videos were filmed in a generic format so that no particular judges or jurisdictions are presupposed.

If you grow tired of educating your clients on the mechanics of deposition and trial testimony, these will be a great asset to your practice. These videos will allow your client to become educated about giving their video and deposition testimony so you can focus on the substance of the testimony. The videos captured most of the common mistakes clients make in giving their testimony both at their deposition and at trial.

In this age of video, this is THE way to educate your client on the do’s and don’ts of testifying. The videos demonstrate to the client the right way and the wrong way to testify in court and in their deposition. Studies show that this is the most effective teaching tool for this type of task. The videos contain real life examples with a twist of humor to keep the clients’ interest. The deposition video is set in a lawyers’ office with the client’s deposition being taken via video. The trial video is set in the courtroom so the client can see how to testify in a courtroom setting. In the trial video it is demonstrated how the client’s deposition testimony can be used against them at trial. This point is then cross referenced in the deposition testimony video. Your client will learn what to expect in each setting, what to do and not do, and how to answer questions.

Social Media

Social Media is the timely topic addressed in the latest section-produced DVD. Written by family law attorneys with only the family law client in mind, this DVD will educate your client through the dangerous minefield that is social media.

DVD Topics: Deposition, Trial, Social Media, Mediation
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