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Family Law At Your Fingertips

Quick access to the substantive law. Family Law at Your Fingertips is an excellent research tool for quick access to the substantive law regarding alimony, protective orders and characterization of property (includes business interests, trusts, employment compensation benefits, reimbursement, tracing and reconstituted estates).

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Family Lawyer’s Essential Toolkit (2018)

One copy included with Family Law Section membership

Includes such useful resources as a quick reference child support chart, minimum wage charts, generic examination guidelines and more.

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Fast Guide to Family Law – Checklists for Everyday Practice

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Predicates Manual 3.0

Essential information for offering evidence

The Predicates Manual was developed to assist attorneys in trial with the evidentiary predicates for evidence/exhibits commonly used in trial. Each predicate contains a step-by-step process for offering a pieces of evidence and the statutory or case authority for the predicate.

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Texas Family Law Practice Manual

Includes Texas Family Law Practice Manual digital product. In statewide use for more than three decades, the Texas Family Law Practice Manual and its predecessors have demonstrated their value to every lawyer who practices any family law—in drafting forms, answering questions, and making family law practice more efficient.

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Texas Pattern Jury Charges – Family & Probate

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The Client Notebook

The Client Notebook is the go-to guide for attorneys to be able to print out information in an easy-to-read format for clients. The various topics include explaining the general process of a divorce case, filling out an inventory and appraisement, attending a deposition, submitting to a psychological evaluation, navigating social media, maintaining privilege, and concluding the case with the final judgment and ancillary documents.

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