Fast Guide to Family Law – Checklists for Everyday Practice

This is the 4th edition of the Checklist publication and is a comprehensive desk reference for checklists involving most all areas of family law. It is a must for every family lawyer, no matter the attorney’s experience. Included are checklists for procedure (e.g. standing, summary judgment, default judgment, post-trial motions, appeals, etc.), marriage, divorce (e.g. marital and other agreements, characterization, tracing, reimbursement, reconstituted estate, retirement, spousal maintenance, etc.), SAPCR (e.g. relocation, third party rights, modification, custody evaluations, etc.), parentage (e.g. establishing parentage, termination, adoptions etc.), trial and evidence (e.g. temporary orders, substance testing, HIPAA information, discovery, experts, final trial preparation, jury trials, attorney’s fees, witnesses, etc.), settlement (e.g. agreements in family law cases, mediation, arbitration), protective orders, and enforcement (Title 1 and Title 5).


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